I offer a range of pilates classes from beginner to intermediate, catering for all fitness and skill levels. All classes are small and an hour long.

All my classes run in monthly blocks of 4 or 5 classes.

You can view the timetable for days, times, prices and venues. Alternatively you can contact me for the next start date for the course that suits you.

Please note – Mats aren’t provided, but I provide resistance bands, spikey balls, small balls and small hand weight

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Current Classes

  • Joanna Hockey Pilates | Pilate Classes


    This is the Pilates foundation class – designed to take you step by step through the principles behind the Pilates technique and to help you build familiarity with Pilates mat exercises. You will learn to develop core strength, stability and flexibility that Pilates is famous for. This class is also suitable for back care clients and and people that are new to exercise

  • Joanna Hockey Pilates | Pilate Classes


    Once you are familiar with the Pilates technique and built up your core strength you can then challenge further. Improvers Pilates offers you more challenging movements offering small pieces of equipment to take you to the next level- foam roller, fitness circle, flex bands, toning balls, Swiss balls and small ball are some examples of the equipment you will use.

  • Joanna Hockey Pilates | Pilate Classes

    Mixed Ability

    Mixed Ability Matwork Classes are designed to cater varying levels of Pilates experience through from beginners to more those that are experienced. I will give you exercises suitable to your level of ability.

  • Joanna Hockey Pilates | Pilate Classes


    My Intermediate Mat work Classes are designed for those who are more experienced in Pilates. I will give you more challenging exercises compared to other classes and they are a natural progression for those who have taken my beginners classes.


    All my classes run in monthly blocks of 4 or 5 classes

    4 classes £34

    5 classes £42.50

  • Joanna Hockey Pilates | Pilate Classes

    Private Sessions

    If you have never done pilates before I highly recommend a 1-2-1 before going into a class. I now offer a 1-2-1’s for people that would like to go into a class at reduced rate of £25.

    Private sessions are held in my new beautiful log cabin studio in Colchester.

    * One-to-one – £45 per session
    * Block sessions available, please enquire
    * One-to-two – £50 per session
    * Block sessions available, please enquire

  • Joanna Hockey Pilates | Pilate Classes


    Invented by Pilates founder Joseph Pilates, the reformer is a bed-like frame with a flat platform on it, called the carriage, which rolls back and forth on wheels within the frame. The carriage is attached to one end of the reformer by a set of springs, the springs provide choices of differing levels of resistance as the carriage is pushed or pulled along the frame. The carriage has shoulder blocks on it that keep a practitioner from sliding off the end of the reformer as they push or pull the carriage.

    At the spring end of the reformer there is an adjustable bar called a foot bar, the foot bar can be used by the feet or hands as a practitioner moves the carriage.

    The reformer also has long straps with handles on them that are attached to the top end of the frame. They can be pulled with legs or arms to move the carriage as well. Body weight and resistance of the springs are what make the carriage more or less difficult to move. Reformers parts are adjustable for differing body sizes and for differing levels of skill.

    The most amazing workout!!!

    * 1 session – £50
    * Blocks of sessions available, please enquire